IE6 Resolution Hints

II was busy developing a site for a client which needs to be optimised for the screen resolution of 800 x 600 px, like every developer i have two screens.  One is running 1152 x 864 px and the other i set to 800 x 600 px for testing the site.  I have a small section of Javascript to call a style sheet  for this resolution, and its not working, read on to find the solution. 🙂

It seems that when you have two screens of different resolutions, IE6 will pick the largest resolution to display the site. eg  IE6 will detect and use the 1152 x 864 px over the 800 x 600 px, hence why the Javascript did not work.

Just a hint, but when your developing a site for a specific resolution be sure to have both screens set to your specific size to ensure your seeing what you want to.

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