Login Redirect to your Buddypress user profile on login

Using the Login Redirect plugin by Login Redirect, which can be found at http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/login-redirect

As this is a paid for plugin I will only be placing the line i changed to achive what i wanted.

First change the login redirect url var to /members/ ( Line 32 )

$login_redirect_url = '/members/.$_POST['log']'; // the url you want users to be redirected too after logging in

The $_POST[‘log’] var is the username that was posted from the User Login form to the next page. This is just a basic implementation, if you have Facebook connect, OpenID etc you will have to put in some variations for that.

3 responses to “Login Redirect to your Buddypress user profile on login”

  1. admin Avatar

    Hey All, for a good open source alternative to the wpmudev plugins check out Brajesh’s comment above.
    Thanks Brajesh

  2. thenone Avatar

    I would like to know how to redirect to user profile for single wordpress

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